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Average Price of a Curved Stairlift

Average price of a curved stairlift

We often get asked

"how much should I expect to pay for a curved stair lift?"

As Stair Lift Experts, this article will not only answer that question but will show you how to get the best value quotation for a curved stair lift in the UK.

But first; let's look at why this question is asked so frequently.

Stair lift companies simply do not promote prices on their website or brochures, leaving prospective buyers bewildered and sometimes cautious. This article aims to alleviate that concern and leave you a little bit more informed.

Curved stairlifts are more expensive than straight stairlifts simply because of the curved rail which the carriage travels on. The carriage is often identical.

The cost to manufacture a curved rail is significantly higher than a straight rail. This is due to the fact the curved stair lift rail is manufactured specifically for you, to fit perfectly to the contours of your stair case. As you can imagine, there are many designs of stair case so it would be difficult for a stair lift company to give an accurate price prior to an on-site survey. However, since this article is all about 'THE AVERAGE PRICE', we'll get to those 'average prices' in a bit.

You may therefore wonder why curved stair lift prices vary so much. I mean, the carriage (seat part) is exactly the same as that of a straight stair lift model, so why do some companies charge considerably more than others? Well, the big difference in price usually comes down to three things;

  1. The rail, more specifically the manufacturing process
  2. Number of curves in the rail
  3. Additional features

The curved rail

Some companies offer pre-made rails. These are a collection of pre-manufactured rails of varying angles and lengths selected to make a kit most suitable to the contours of your stair case. Naturally this solution is cheaper than a complete bespoke rail manufactured specifically for your stair case.

Both bespoke manufactured rails and rail kits have to comply with the same safety standards (BS 5776).

Number of curves required

The number of curves required will increase the manufacturing costs for a bespoke curved rail. Likewise, the more curved rail components of a curved rail kit will also increase the overall price.

An average price for a curved stairlift with one turn, suitable for a 'one turn' stair case, would be:

Bespoke manufactured: £4,250
Curved rail kits: £3,500

These average figures are based on our independent industry knowledge.

Curved stair lift features

On top of these average costs, the price of a curved stairlift may increase with optional extras such as:

  • Power swivel seat to help the user mount/dismount versus a manual swivel.
  • Folding footrest, arms and seat to reduce amount of room the stair lift takes up while not in use.
  • Rail extensions, room permitted, to allow user to dismount the stair lift further away from top of stair case.
  • Power hinged rails, allowing the top/bottom part of the stair lift rail to be folded away at the click of a button, reducing the dangers of trips and hazards.
  • Lastly, choice of upholstery and trim finish.

Curved Stair lift models currently available on the market

    • Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift – Sold through Acorn Stairlifts
    • Minivator 2000 Curved Stairlift – Sold through Companion Stairlifts
    • Starla, Sarum, Solus, Sofia, Sadler – Sold through Stannah Stairlifts (these are not 5 different curved stair rails, these are 5 differently designed carriages/seats).

How to get the best curved stair lift price

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