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Cost Effective Ways to Remove and Sell Unwanted Stairlifts

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Sadly, many of us reading this page will have adopted a stair lift in the recent passing of a loved one. Perhaps you need it removed before selling a property, but who do you turn to?

You may have contacted the manufacturer of the stairlift; but they're not interested in buying it back (even though it's relatively new).

So what are your options?

If you have a stairlift which is no longer required, needs replacing, needs removing temporarily, and you're looking for the most cost effective removal solution, read on.

But first, one very important, and often misunderstood, point.

Unfortunately, second-hand stairlifts have very little value. Fact!

Why? Because stairlifts, curved stairlifts especially, are bespoke built for your stair case, meaning it's very unlikely to find a new home.

This doesn't seem fair, especially if your stairlift is less than year old. However, your stairlift may not be completely worthless so read this article to help you understand all available removal options and potentially earn yourself a bit of cash along the way!

Your options are...

1. Part Exchange

If you're simply looking for a replacement, you're in luck. Speak to the company who supplied the original stairlift and ask them to quote for a new one – trading your old one in part exchange. When the stairlift surveyor comes out to see you ensure the removal and disposal of the old stairlift is factored into the quote (get it in writing too). It's always best to get quotes from a couple of stairlift companies, complete our quick quote form and we can arrange this on your behalf.

2. Sell Privately

If you no longer require the stairlift and choose to sell privately, you have a couple of options.

  1. If you have an Acorn Stairlift which is less than a year old, Acorn may help you sell the stairlift by placing adverts on your behalf. They will tailor an advertising package for you and advise you on the sale price. There's a charge for this service.
  2. Name your price and try selling it yourself on Ebay or Gumtree. Ensure the listing description clearly states the buyer is to dismantle and collect. Warning: This is not a simple task, so the buyer MUST know what they are doing.

3. Stairlift Removal

If the lift is over a certain age you can expect to pay a removal fee. If it's a very new stairlift you may find a local company who is prepared to remove it free of charge. Each case is treated on its own merit.

One point to always consider; if someone is offering to remove an older lift 'free of charge' then invariably there'll be a charge somewhere down the line. It is a rare occurrence in today's world when something is 'free', so always beware.

We work closely with some reputable stairlift removal companies, so contact us if you'd like more information.

Why stairlift companies charge to remove old stairlifts

Most stairlift suppliers will offer to remove older stairlifts at a price. Charges vary considerably, depending on the type of stairlift you have. If you have a straight stairlift then it's likely just one engineer will be required to remove it. A curved stairlift may require two engineers. A curve stairlift has a much larger and heavier rail where one person may find it too awkward or heavy to manoeuvre on their own. With larger rails comes a risk of damage to interior decoration which may be the result of one person struggling on their own.

There is also the question of how it will be disposed of.

Reputable suppliers will dispose of stairlifts in an environmental way. No doubt you would be bitterly disappointed if you discovered your stairlift had been removed by someone who simply looked to dispose of it by illegal means. Many unwanted stairlifts have been found by the authorities on 'fly-tipping' sites. A reputable company would arrange for your stairlift to be environmentally scrapped at the nearest recycling plant. This process is not as straightforward as it sounds due to the many different materials used in the production of a stairlift. Electronic components, PCBs, cables, batteries, plastics and metals all need to be stripped down (which incurs labour charges).

One minor thing worth remembering; when stairlifts are removed, the carpet is often a different colour where the supports legs have been fixed.

4. Alternative Option

If you've contacted the original supplier and they're not interested, their removal costs are too high, or perhaps you've opted for a private sale but it's just not selling and you need it removed ASAP, contact us through the online form.

We will contact a reputable trades-person in your local area and arrange for them to contact you direct where they can provide a cost effective quotation. Even if you simply want your stairlift removed for a short period of time, while you are having new carpets fitted, then Stair Lift Experts can arrange this for you too.

Through-The-Floor Lift Removals (A.K.A Vertical Lifts)

If you have a step lift or through-the-floor lift that requires removal and disposal we can also arrange for these to be removed and environmentally scrapped for recycling. We will provide the correct trades-persons to remove your lifts and re-instate your floors and ceilings back to their original standard if you so require.

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