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Until a few years ago, only one type of home lift was available: a wheelchair lift designed for seated patients. In the last decade, however, a quiet revolution has occurred in the home lift market, with several styles of through-floor lift (TFL) becoming available. You can now sit, stand or perch in a home lift while you travel from one floor to another.

Moreover, today's most contemporary home lifts plug into a standard electrical socket, making them exceptionally energy-efficient and simple to install.

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All domestic lifts work on the same principle: an aperture is created in the ceiling/floor, and the lift carriage passes through it. Once fitted, the lift lid should be strong enough to walk on upstairs when the lift is parked at the ground floor position.

Home wheelchair lift

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Today's compact home lifts take up little room in the property; the most space-saving types travel on slim rails on either side of the lift car, and the whole assembly can neatly tuck into the corner of a room (approximately 1200mm x 800mm). Larger TFL's are available specifically for wheelchair users. Again, choosing the more compact wheelchair lifts on the market will allow individuals to negotiate their way through the home and easily access the lift without compromising the room layout. Even one home elevator manufacturer provides a domestic lift with 'ThruCar' capability. This lift has a door on either side, allowing the wheelchair user to enter the carriage on one side and exit on the other. Customers who install residential lifts into the turning space of their stairs or rely on a wheelchair find these ThruCar domestic lifts particularly convenient.

Reputable residential lift companies will work closely with you to plan the best location for your lift. We can send brochures before a home survey is booked so you're more familiar with the products and solutions. A surveyor will need to visit you at home to measure the space available for a TFL and answer any questions you might have before providing an accurate quotation.

Most home lift providers will manage the entire process for you, from technical survey through building work to lift installation and handover. You should always expect a thorough introduction to your new lift from the installers once the work has been completed.

Some of the more modular domestic through-floor-lifts can be installed in as little as a day once the building work has been completed.

Most contemporary domestic lift cars are enclosed with either a half-height or full-height door for added security. The more highly-specified home lifts come with clear car sides, seamlessly blending into the home environment. All are fitted with the required safety features, such as hold-to-run up and down controls, light curtains which stop the lift if the light is breached, auto-stop sensors and in-car emergency telephone.

How much does a home lift cost?

A home lift is less expensive than you might think. Prices start at around £14,000, including the creation of the aperture and installation, with most companies charging extra for any building work that might be needed. This price assumes one level of travel. For multistorey properties such as townhouses or properties with basements or loft conversions, you'd need to look for more specialist lifts, for example, the Aritco range.

Suppose the disabled lift is needed due to a medical condition. In that case, the purchase can be VAT-exempt, and various means-tested grants are available for people with mobility issues who need to access all floors in their home.

The convenience and safety of a wheelchair lift mean those with limited mobility don't have to worry about transferring from a wheelchair to a stairlift and back into a second wheelchair upstairs; they can roll on and off the lift in their wheelchair.

Installing a through-the-floor lift is often more cost-effective than building a downstairs extension or moving to a bungalow or retirement flat. Many people prefer to remain living in the home they love with minimal disruption – and as a home lift can be installed very quickly, typically within 12 weeks, this is a perfect solution.

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Best home lift manufactures

All home lifts should conform to BS5900:2012 as a minimum. The following are makes and models of home lifts you should consider:

  1. Stannah
    • Elena - One person lift, seated or standing
    • Salise - Carry two people standing or one seated
    • Stratum - Carry three people standing or wheelchair user plus one
  2. Companion
    • Aurora - Seated or standing option with power-operated door for convenience
    • Cygnus - Compact footprint, fully enclosed through-the-floor lift
    • Stratus - Half-height side panels - available in 3 different size
  3. Stiltz
    • Duo - for wheelchair users
    • Trio - for wheelchair users, plus one additional person
  4. Terry
    • Lifestyle – Standing home lift
    • Harmony – half sided for wheelchairs passengers
  5. Wessex
    • VM Lift – Open-sided TFL – for wheelchair users or seated passengers
    • EM Lift – Full-sided TFL – for standing, seated or wheelchair passengers
    • Elesse - Luxury Standing Lift

Home lift - Companion Aurora

Home lift - Companion Cygnus

Home lift - Companion Stratus

As you can see from the pictures above, home lifts do not require lift shafts. Each lift operates on the vertical tracks, typically installed to the side or to the rear of the carriage.

Some lifts have half-height sides which are only available for seated passenger lifts or wheelchair user lifts.

Home Lift Removals

If you have a property with a through-the-floor lift already installed and need it removed, please call us. We can provide the correct tradespersons to remove your lift and re-instate your floors and ceilings back to their original standard if required. We can arrange the removal of Wessex Lifts, Pollock Lifts, Terry Lifts, Companion and Stiltz.

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