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  1. How much do stairlifts cost?

    We thought that question might be on your mind, which is why we wrote this article.

  2. What is a bridging plaform?

    A bridging platform is a small folding wooden platform located at the top of the stairs which creates a bridge between the landing and the footplate of the stairlift. A bridging platform can only be used on a staircase with a small turn near the top of the stairs, illustrated in the diagram below.

    Bridging platform

    Bridging plaforms are less common these days due to changes in EU health and safety legislation with many manufacturers refusing to fit them at all. These were generally used as a cheaper alternative to buying a curved stairlift as it enabled the user to transfer from a straight stairlift to the landing without the need for a curved stairlift. However, a bridging platform was only suitable for users who were confident and steady on their feet. Those with very poor mobility or who suffer with vertigo/dizziness would have always opted for a curved stairlift.

  3. If there's a powercut while in use, will I be stuck?

    All stairlifts are fitted with a back-up battery. Should there be a power cut, the stairlift will continue operating as usual powered by the battery. You can be assured there would be no disruption to service should a powercut occur while in operation. The battery will power the stair lift for a minumum of 8 hours. Once mains power is restored the battery will recharge itself from the mains.

  4. Once ordered, how long will I have to wait before my stairlift is fitted?

    Straight stairlifts can be ready for installation within a few days of a site survey. In fact, we work with suppliers who offer next day service. However, curved stairlift generally take around 8 weeks since they need to be manufactured specificially to your exact staircase measurements.

  5. How long will the installation take?

    This depends on the type of stairlift being fitted. A straight stairlift can be installed within a few hours, and many stair lift companies can offer next day installation. Curved stairlifts will take longer but most engineers should be able to install a curved stair lift within a day.

  6. What's the average price of curved stairlifts?

    Curved stairlifts will cost you more than a straight stairlift. For an average cost of a curved stairlift within the UK, please read our article here.

  7. Cancelation rights

    From the 13th June 2014, customer's cancelation rights changed.
    Under the new regulations, customers now have cancellation rights extended from the current period of 7 days after signing the contract to 14 days after installation.
    So, if you're not 100% happy with your product, even after it's installed, all concerns should be raised with your stair lift provider as soon as possible.

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