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Stairlift weight limit

Overweight people with mobility issues can face especially difficult problems in the home, especially in relation to getting up and down the stairs. Stair lifts are the ideal solution to overcome such problems, allowing them to access other floors in the home without putting extra strain on already stressed muscles and the heart. A significant proportion of overweight people also suffer with vertigo which puts them at risk on long flights of stairs.

But here's the problem; Stair lifts have a maximum weight limit.

In the UK, the maximum weight limit for a standard heavy duty stairlift has, up until now, been 25st (160kg).

Stannah's heavy duty offering in this marketplace had a max weight limit of 25st (160kg). This is the Stannah Saxon straight stairlift or you could opt for the Starla model on a straight rail.

Acorn's standard superglide stairlift offers a maximum weight limit of 20 stone (127kg), but do cater for the larger user with a 25 stone (280lbs) model.

Companion, part of the Handicare Group, offer their 1000 XL model which also takes up to 25 stone.

Now for the good news; Companion have just launched their new Minivator 1000 XXL model which takes up to 31.5st (200kg), yes a whole 40kg more than its predecessor and competitors. The XXL also comes with a host of new features designed for the larger user, including:

  • A wider seat
  • Extended seat base (increased depth of seat from 360mm to 425mm)
  • Extended arm-rests (they've increased the space between the arm rests from 550mm to 637mm.)
  • Extra-long velcro seat belt
  • Centralised power swivel as standard

The bad news is this model is currently only available for straight stair cases.

Heavy Duty Stairlift - Minivator 1000 XXLThe XXL can be purchased through Companion Stairlifts, the direct sales face of Handicare.

Due to the sitting position of a larger user, combined with the extended seat base, the measurement from spin to knee is usually too great to fit a heavy duty stairlift in a very narrow stair case.

Those looking for a heavy duty stair lift solution should complete the online form (to the right of this page) to allow us to liaise with the right manufacturers to source the best heavy duty stairlift for your budget.

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