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For quality and range of stairlifts, it is hard to match Stannah. The British family-run company has been making stairlifts since 1975 and has amassed a happy customer base in over 40 countries around the world. There are six different Stannah stairlift models to choose from including a model specifically designed for outdoor use. The variety ensures that there is a solution to all stairlift requirements.

The Sarum

The Stannah Sarum is available in models to suit both straight and curved staircases. The vinyl upholstery is available in five different colour options and the system comes with all the required safety features (seatbelt, safety edges, fitted to wall not stairs). Simple joystick or push button controls make the Sarum easy to control.

The Starla

The Stannah Starla is a popular choice and is available to buy or rent for both straight and curved staircases. The all-woven or vinyl chair is available in 15 different colours and can be customised with dark or light wood trim. All safety features are included and a control pod arm is fitted for optimum ease of control.

The Saxon

The Stannah Saxon is designed specifically for straight stair use and allows for a maximum weight of 160kg (more than any other Stannah stairlift model). The manual powered vinyl chair comes in five different colour choices and the arm to footrest link makes folding easy and compact. All safety features are included.

The Outdoor

Manufactured for outdoor use, the Stannah Outdoor is designed with a waterproof plastic seat to cope with the changing conditions and comes with wall control call station. Like the other models, the Outdoor is battery powered and also comes with a separate key for use. Once again, safety features apply but choice of colour is not available.

The Solus

The comfortable Stannah Solus has a modern approach to design and is available for curved and straight stairs. A range of neutral colour choices can be applied to the leather or super-soft fabric seat which can hold weight of 135kg (straight) and 120kg (curved). The Solus is only available as a reconditioned model.

The Sofia

The Stannah Sofia with its high-back – neutral colour choice – seat for extra body support is a very popular reconditioned-only model. The inclusion of a clever two-way powered swivel feature is designed to accommodate for lack of room at the bottom of stairs. Other than the difference in seat, the Sofia is essentially the same model as the Solus in terms of specifications.

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