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Stannah are highly regarded for a reason: they provided the best quality products teamed with outstanding levels of service. Being a company of such reputation means providing customers with a range of purchase options; one of these options is Stannah stairlift rental.

Why rent a stairlift?

In some situations the requirement of a stairlift is only short-term; for example, if you are recovering from illness or an operation or to cater to visiting relatives. Where you consider the need to be temporary, hiring is definitely the preferable option and can prove to be much more cost-friendly than buying outright.

Another reason for choosing to hire a Stannah stairlift maybe the appeal of the comparatively low prices. Hiring avoids the large one-off expensive that comes with buying and allows you to pay for the stairlift as you need it. An outlay of £3000 when buying can be too much for some people to afford, whereas £57 per month is a lot more manageable. Of course, if you envision yourself needing a stairlift over the long term, buying may prove to be a more cost effective option.

Safety and Convenience

Stannah offer a healthy selection of stairlifts, three of which (the Starla, the Saxon and the Sarum) are available to hire. They also offer stairlift rental for curved staircases which puts them ahead of other companies, most of which focus their hire models on straight staircases only. Another good reason to hire from Stannah is the obligation that they have to keep a stairlift fully maintained. After the warranty period on a purchased model has expired, all repair and maintenance costs are funded by the owner; hiring, however, means that the stairlift still belongs to Stannah who will service it regularly and ensure it is always in perfect working order. When the stairlift is no longer needed, engineers are able to come to your home and remove it.

If you feel that you require a stairlift, consider your options – you may find that Stannah stairlift rental fits the bill.

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I needed to get a stair lift for my lovely Mum as she was having difficulty climbing all the stairs in her house. I hadn't a clue what to buy or where to buy it from until I found the Stair Lift Expert website
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