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Few companies in the stairlift industry are able to compete with the reputation for quality products and unparalleled service offered by Acorn. Their stairlifts have changed the lives of thousands of people by giving them back the independence that was due to illness or disability. When purchasing a stairlift you will be met with several different options, one of these options – Acorn stairlifts rental – may prove beneficial.

Benefits of stairlift hire

Acorn stairlift hire can prove to be a shrewd decision for a number of different reasons; of course, these reasons depend on personal circumstances. If the need for a stairlift in the home is only short-term, rental is sometimes the best solution. On some occasions, a stairlift may only be needed to help while you are recovering from illness or an operation, or maybe there are relatives coming to stay that are unable to climb stairs freely. In such cases, hiring an Acorn stairlift will prove to be a much more cost-friendly option when compared to buying.

CAVEAT: Acorn ONLY offer hire for straight staircases.

You may also find the low weekly or monthly payments much more manageable than finding £1500-£3000 upfront. Although, if you feel that a stairlift is needed long-term, buying will probably make more financial sense.

To rent an Acorn stairlift as opposed to buying will mean that everything is taken care of while the stairlift is in your home. The company will have a duty to ensure that the stairlift is in full working order at all times and is safe to use. This is a big advantage that hiring has over buying. Once the warranty has ran out on a purchased stairlift, any maintenance and repair costs will need to be funded by you. Rental means responsibility for maintenance lies with the company.

Installation of a rental stairlift can often be completed with 24-48 hours of ordering and when it is no longer needed, expert engineers will take care of the uninstall with minimum fuss. Consider you stairlift needs and decide whether Acorn stairlifts rental would suit you.

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