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New Vs reconditioned stairlifts

New Vs reconditioned stairlifts

Installing a stair lift can mean the difference between continuing to live at home with independence restored and living in specialist, single-storey accommodation. For many people, the more difficult choice is which option to pursue; should they buy a new stair lift, or a reconditioned model?

There are a range of new stair lifts available, but it may surprise potential customers to learn that many UK suppliers also sell reconditioned stairlifts, an option which can be significantly less expensive.

Stairlift Costs – Making a Cost Effective Decision

Typically, refurbished stairlifts are fitted with a new stair rail and will have many of the features of new models. Remote attendant control, a comfortably padded seat and backrest, safety sensors and directional paddle switches can all be included with a 2nd hand stairlift. People with limited income may find this option by far the most economical; reconditioned stairlifts are typically half cost of a brand new stair lift.

It is worth checking with the supplier that their used stairlifts come with a one-year warranty to cover any mechanical problems. A maintenance engineer should call at least once annually to undertake safety inspections and carry out routine care.

With all stairlifts, whether old or new, the rails will need to be customised for each installation. Bear in mind that if a curved stair rail is necessary, the resale value of the lift will be negligible, even though the cost of manufacture is higher. Very few properties have identical dimensions, and curved stair rails are invariably custom made for individual homes.

Choosing the Right Model and Supplier to fit Your Needs

The four most established manufacturers of new stairlifts for sale in the UK are Stannah, Acorn, Companion and Brooks. All produce excellent, robust and reliable products.

The overall price of a reconditioned stairlift will depend on the number of features included. Some stairlifts, for example, include a specially designed 'perch seat' for people who cannot bend their knees very far when they try to sit down. It is also worth bearing in mind that there are heavy-duty reconditioned stairlifts available for larger users. While a new Stannah Saxon stairlift may initially appear expensive, with prices starting at £1695, Stannah stairlifts have a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 25 stone. In comparison, a new Brooks Lincoln model can be installed from around £1,400, but the maximum weight allowance is only 20 stone. Brooks do offer a heavy-duty straight stairlift, but this is likely to increase the overall cost. In contrast, only Brooks and Acorn currently offer auto-powered swivel seats as standard.

Professionals in the industry advise against purchasing 2nd hand stairlifts older than 36 months, ensuring that wear and tear have not affected overall performance. However, we have experts on hand to offer detailed advice on the best options.

If you're considering renting a stairlift for more than a few months, we would encourage you to get a quote for a reconditioned second-hand stairlift as it's often a more cost-effective soluion.

For a quotation that includes all the features you need in a new or reconditioned stairlift, please complete the free assessment form today.

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