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In addition to indoor stair lift models, outdoor stair lifts are also available; these are weatherproof, but in other respects are quite similar to indoor stair lifts. Outdoor stairlifts can be used to mount steps in front of a property's main entrance and for a number of other purposes.

If a ramp is not appropriate, buildings that require public access are sometimes served by an outdoor stair lift. Visitors using wheelchairs can then easily gain entry to the premises. They are usually more robust than their inside counterparts in order to accommodate both an occupant and his or her wheelchair.

The cost of an outdoor stair lift is around £2,500 for a basic model, and such a lift is ideal for negotiating difficult flights of steps or for accessing the garden when there are various obstacles in the way. In most cases, installation will take less than a day, and there will be a full warranty provided. Outdoor stair lifts can be slightly more expensive than indoor stairlifts, because of their extra strength and weatherproofing. Like in-home stairlifts, they come in straight and curved models; they also feature padlocks to keep them secure.

Outdoor stairlifts come with the standard features of the indoor models, including easy-to-use controls. There is also usually an option to have a wireless remote control, so that the stair lift can be called when needed. A lap harness often comes as standard so that the user is in no danger of falling from the lift and being injured in the garden or on the steps. External stairlifts require very little maintenance, and usually include a plastic cover to protect them from the elements when not in use.

The installation process will begin with a representative of the company paying a visit to the property to discuss the options; a surveyor will then assess the structural situation at the site where the stair lift will be fitted. The actual outdoor stair lift price will vary depending on individual circumstances, and the £2,500 figure is a ballpark amount that may be slightly higher or lower than the final price. For a personalised quotation, please complete our request form.

An outdoor stair lift can greatly enhance the quality of life of a person with mobility issues. Along with providing access to the front of a property, an outdoor stair lift can open up the garden in a way that would be unthinkable without it. Few gardens are completely flat or have flat access points; the installation of an outdoor stair lift is the perfect solution whether the user is an avid gardener or simply enjoys regularly getting outside into the fresh air.

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