126 Life Changing Gadgets to Help Regain Independence at Home

Mobility gadgets to regain independence at home

Working in the mobility sector we often see and hear of simple products and solutions to help those with mobility problems get on around the house. Most are inexpensive and readily available from UK mobility stores or specialist websites. So, we decided to compile a mammoth list of useful gadgets to help you regain your independence in the home, and links to where you can buy them.

We've split the list into the following sections to make it easier to follow, Bedroom, Kitchen, Toileting and Bathroom.

Please note; we are not affiliated with any of the suppliers featured in this list, nor are we responsible for any of the content found on their websites.

Last updated: Tuesday, 3rd January 2017.

If you use any of these gadgets, or know of any other useful gadgets to make life a little simpler, please share your thoughts and views by using the comments section below.

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  • Kettle Tippers assist with pouring from any standard kettle with virtually no effort or risk of spilling boiling watericare4.co.uk
  • Can Openers Suitable for users either with arthritis or with a weak gripwelcomemobility.co.uk
  • Kitchen Workstation Homecraft The workstation has four non-slip suction pads that firmly anchor it in placepattersonmedical.co.uk
  • Etac Relieve Ergonomic Knife – Serrated for people with impaired mobility or strength in their hands and arms.manageathome.co.uk or doability.co.uk
  • Nosey Cup Designed for people with a poor grip, limited neck movement, a bed patient, or a person in a wheelchair with a headrest. theconsortiumcare.co.uk
  • Tube Squeezer ideal for one-handed use and for those with arthritisaidapt.co.uk
  • Cloth Press enables weaker hands to squeeze the water from wet clothsabilitysuperstore.com
  • Spill-Not Jar Holder Persons with limited grip or the use of only one hand can easily open jarsmobilitybathroomsolutions.co.uk
  • One Touch Can Opener The One Touch jar opener is a boon to those who strugle to open jar lidsclearwellmobility.co.uk
  • Easy Reach Milk Bottle Holder Easily pick up milk bottles – lightweight, avoids bendinghearingandmobility.co.uk
  • Auto chopper Enables people with reduced hand function or visual impairment to chop vegetables with reduced risk of injurymarksmobility.co.uk
  • Caring Cutlery These are of value to those with a weak grip and restricted wrist or finger movementthemobilitysuperstore.co.uk
  • Comfort Cutlery Handles benefits users with limited grip or restricted wrist and finger movementsunrisemedical.co.uk
  • Teatool helps those who find it difficult to squeeze the tea bagessentialaids.com
  • Baby Boa Constrictor provides excellent leverage for those who have difficulty turning or opening jars, bottles abergele-mobility.co.uk
  • Long Handled Dustpan & Brush This prevents the need for bending down when sweepingbrobyliving.co.uk
  • Non-Slip Mats it helps prevent cups sliding, plates skidding and glasses slipping.co-operativeindependentliving.co.uk
  • Adjustable walsall trolley has the advantage of being adjustable to suit individual requirementsmobilityworld.co.uk
  • Step Stool A simple, sturdy stool consisting of a chrome plated steel frame with a non-slip rubber matamobilityshopnw.co.uk or scootermart-berkshire.com
  • Handycup Designed for people with a poor grip, limited neck movement, a bed patient, or a person in a wheelchair with a head-restpdcareproducts.com
  • LED Motion sensor cupboard light Great for lighting up kitchen cupboardsrnib.org.uk
  • Easy Grip Tweezers Very light weight tweezers, easy to use with a self opening actionmobility.co.uk
  • Bottle Opener Secure grip for easy twist offcare100.co.uk
  • Good Grips Measuring Jug lets you read measurement markings by looking straight down into the jug, so you don't have to bend and read the side of the jugphillipsmobility.co.uk
  • Knork – Knife & fork combination a stylish fork with wide, rounded and bevelled outer tines that will safely cut food like a knifecompletecareshop.co.uk
  • Spreadboard Sits flat on top of the work surface and is prevented from moving by non slip feet ntlworld.com
  • One Touch Power Grater automatic grating gadget that can grate a wide variety of food and cheese into a container or dishmanageathome.co.uk
  • Easiturn Tap Turner useful for those with a visual impairmentabilitysuperstore.com
  • Magnetic Storage Rack comfortable, contoured handles with a non-slip 'soft-feel' finish, giving a firm grip in either handsimplelifemobility.co.uk
  • Coolhand Ideal for those with arthritis and limited hand dexteritydirectmobilityonline.co.uk
  • Relieve Cheese Slicer designed to make food preparation and eating easier despite limited power and movement in arms and handsdiscountmobilityshop.com
  • Peeler Garnish designed handle makes it easy to hold and usethemobilityaidscentre.co.uk
  • Step Stool With Handrail slip-resistant platformlivingmadeeasy.org.uk
  • Dual Focus Magnifier helpful tool for elderly people and those that have problems with their eyesightdisabledaids.org.uk
  • Table Top Scissors Mounted on Plastic Base Designed for use by children and adults with very limited strength and control, or for use one-handeddisabledaids.org.uk
  • Dishbrush With Suction Cups for one handed usedlf-data.org.uk
  • Talking Cooking Thermometer synthesised voice which announces the degree of cookingdlf-data.org.uk
  • OXO Good Grips Pop Cookie Jar The button serves as a handle to easily remove the lid with one hand and the large circular opening makes it easy to access your snackscompletecareshop.co.uk
  • Etac Universal Knob Turner designed to make it easier to turn knobs, taps and switchescompletecareshop.co.uk
  • Easi-grip carving fork ergonomically angled handle to help keep the wrist in its natural position, reducing strain on the wrist, arm and handabilitysuperstore.com
  • Buckingham Coolhand Microwave Aid Handy help to avoid burnt fingers when removing hot plates from the microwaveabilitysuperstore.com
  • Rolling Pin complete with a steel core, giving it the extra weight needed to roll dough using minimum exertiondoability.co.uk
  • Liquid Level Indicator an intermittent tone to indicate the cup is nearly full and a continuous tone when the level is reachedhadnet.org.uk
  • Jar Key has no sharp edges or points, no removable parts, and is extremely durablehadnet.org.uk
  • Adult Warming Dish If your food goes cold before you finish eating, then keep it warmer for longer, and enjoy it from start to finishdayshealthcare.co.uk
  • Talking kitchen timer and clock with female synthetic voice announcing the time remaining before sounding alarm at zerornib.org.uk


  • Raised Toilet Seat A lightweight, all plastic construction, for strength and durability, the Savanah has a gently contoured surface for extra comfort.uksmobility.co.uk or mobilitytrade.co.uk or mobilitypitstop.com
  • Toileting Aid Alarm Panic alarm button that can be attached to walking sticks, crutches, walking/toilet frames, shower chairs, wheelchairs etc.uksmobility.co.uk
  • Bedpans Portable toileting for use in bed. Polypropylene bedpan with handle for ease of use. Autoclave or sterilising solution cleaning. Integral handle for storage or carrying.nrs-uk.co.uk or paisleymobilitycentre.co.uk
  • Folding Support System The complete support system suitable for children and adults, is height adjustable and can be folded up against the wall when not in use.nrs-uk.co.uk
  • Solo Toilet Lift Lifting action which provides additional support for users who need assistance to get on and off a standard toilet even when this is at the correct height for them.completecareshop.co.uk or hcesolutions.co.uk or mobilitytrade.co.uk
  • Raised Toilet Seat & Frame A sturdy height adjustable, coated metal frame with a clip-on, one piece moulded seat. The whole frame can then be positioned over the toilet.simplymed.co.uk or hcesolutions.co.uk
  • Male Urinal The urinals long neck ensuresÿit is easy for gentlemen to use discreetly and with minimal risk of spillage.simplymed.co.uk or completecareshop.co.uk
  • Toilet Frame Adjustable height, plastic coated toilet surround with rigid double strut steel frame. Moulded plastic arm rests. simplymed.co.uk or truemobility.co.uk or kwtherapysolutions.com
  • Mobile Shower Commode Chair Manufactured from peel resistant, plastic coated steel, this robust shower commode chair is supplied with a comfortable polyurethane cellular gap fronted seat, backrest, overseat and hinged armrest.welcomemobility.co.uk or nmsdirect.co.uk
  • Toilet Seat with Arms Nobi High Rise The raised toilet seat provides help to those who require assistance whilst using the toilet. Both the raised and family seats are supplied with a lid.nmsdirect.co.uk
  • Toilet Powered Assist Stirling EU Complete The Stirling Powered Toilet Riser offers a comfortable, secure and more natural position for the user, whilst lowering to or rising from the toilet. The lightweight frame is easily manoeuvrable, enabling the riser to be thoroughly cleaned.nmsdirect.co.uk
  • Bottom Wipers A soft, flexible head grips any tissue or pre-moistened wipe securely and releases the paper with the push of a button on the easy-to-use handle.nmsdirect.co.uk or abilitysuperstore.com
  • Low Level & Close Coupled Doc M Pack Designed to assist disabled and elderly users when toileting, and are suitable for installation in all commercial and domestic environments.disabilityneeds.com or betterlifehealthcare.com
  • Shower toilet A shower toilet combines all the functions of a conventional WC and bidet with the comfort of warm-air drying. disabilityneeds.com or disabledtoilets.co.uk
  • Dolphin Board The Dolphin Board is designed for assisted and independent transfer from a wheelchair to the toilet.truemobility.co.uk
  • Commodes An attractive, traditional wooden frame commode chair with woven fibre upholstery or a more traditional model.bettermobility.co.uk or themobilitysuperstore.co.uk or themobilitysuperstore.co.uk
  • Chair Pad Waterproof backed, 1 litre absorbent chair pads available in a choice of 5 colours.easystairmobility.co.uk
  • Lateral Body Supports These easily adjustable and comfortable additions help to provide extra support and stability to the user, in conjunction with the Integrated Fold-down Support Armsfirstclasswetrooms.co.uk
  • Dual Rotating Suction Cup 12″ Grab Bar with Indicator This Dual Rotating Suction Cup 12″ Grab Bar with Indicator installs and is removable without tools or professional installation. It will not damage property. The large suction cups provide and extremely strong hold. Release levers make installing and removing the suction cup grab bars quick and easy.rdkmobility.co.uk
  • Folding Sturdy Long Support Rail A sturdy long support rail projecting at right angles to the wall. Ideally positioned to assist users on and off the toilet.rdkmobility.co.uk or feneticwellbeing.com
  • Easy Press Toilet Lever Designed for people with arthritis or other conditions that limit grip strength and dexterity, the Enable Toilet Lever is used in place of a standard lever.completecareshop.co.uk


  • Bath Lift Simple Lift Full length bathing experience ideal for those with limited mobilityuksmobility.co.uk or parkgatemobility.co.uk or nmsdirect.co.uk
  • Swivel Bather This seat consists of two parts, a fixed base, which is fitted to the bath, and a rotating seat that can be locked in four positions.
    It allows the user to sit comfortably in the seat and gently swing their legs around, so that they are sitting over the bath.
  • Shower Seats From heavy duty shower benchs to shower corner perch seats.uksmobility.co.uk or simplymed.co.uk or nmsdirect.co.uk
  • Rubber Grip Bath Mats Increase safety and help prevent falls in the bath. This high quality slip-resistant bath mat is available in 2 convenient sizes. Suitable for most baths. Machine washable at 40øC.nrs-uk.co.uk or betterlifehealthcare.com
  • Bath Seats Prevents the need to get down to the bottom of the bath when bathing or using an over bath shower.nrs-uk.co.uk or simplymed.co.uk or bettermobility.co.uk
  • Walk-in, Easy-Access Showers Premier shower suites & walk-in shower enclosures are stylish, safe and secure. From accessible screens to wet Rooms there is a walk in shower to suit all needspremierbathrooms.co.uk
  • BodyDryer – The walk-in shower dryer A complete all over dryer that dries your body effortlessly with gentle air jets after taking a shower, without the need for a towel or the aid of a third party. Towel drying can be difficult for people bathing with limited mobility or conditions associated with joint pain.premierbathrooms.co.uk
  • Deluxe Inflatable Shampoo Ring Finally, a no-splash solution for washing hair in bed. Properly position the head and shoulders for shampooing with these shampoo basins.welcomemobility.co.uk
  • Bath Tub Grab Bar Bathtub grab bar with hand-holds for added security.mobilitypitstop.com
  • Microfibre Back Towel A lightweight, quick drying back towel which makes it easy to exfoliate hard to reach areas.ableworld.co.uk
  • Long Handled Toe Washer A long stem with plastic built up handle and a wire frame covered in a white towelling pad for washing between the toes. Two pads included.hcesolutions.co.uk
  • Bathing Cushions The Bathing Cushion is ideal for those who find it difficult getting in and out of the bath. It lowers you down and raises you up at the touch of a button and can also provide a supportive backrest.hcesolutions.co.uk or mangar.co.uk
  • Height-Adjustable Wash Hand Basins Multifunctional height-adjustable washbasins for users with special and progressively changing needs.disabilityneeds.com
  • Flannel Strap A cotton flannel strap with rope handles, used to reach awkward places e.g. back and legs. It has coarse foam on one side to use as a skin toner.truemobility.co.uk
  • Shampoo Cap This shampoo cap, washes, conditions and rinses hair in one simple step, leaving hair smelling fresh, towel dry and ready for styling.
    Can be warmed in the microwave or used cool.
  • Walk-in Bath Having twice the depth of a conventional bath, a walk-in bath provides you to have a deep soak in a comfortable sitting position.disabledtoilets.co.uk
  • Long Handled Sponge A broad comfortable handle for easy grip and a firm sponge allows individuals who find it difficult to bend to wash their lower limbs and back.easystairmobility.co.uk or completecareshop.co.uk or paisleymobilitycentre.co.uk
  • bath safety strips These bath safety strips are perfect for all bath shapes and sizes. They are made from soft textured rubber and are adhesive backed for easy installation.mobilityworld.co.uk
  • Soapy Soles This gentle massage pad has hundreds of soft little fingers to clean your feet with no bending or reaching. A great solution for people with limited lower extremity movement, back pain or balance problems.mobilitytrade.co.uk
  • Bath Shortener Designed to enable shorter people to bathe in safety and comfort.handyhealthcare.co.uk
  • Crosshead Tap Turners The strong moulded plastic tap turners have been designed to make it easier to turn crosshead taps on or off. Ideal for users with a weak or painful grip, such as those suffering from arthritis.completecareshop.co.uk
  • StairAID Gives confidence, motivation, self esteem and exercise. particularly helpful for temporary sports injuries. Particularly helpful for temporary sports injuries.stairaid.clientfile.net
  • Bridgit Used to hooks single crutches or walking sticks over the back of a chair or hand rail, keeping them out of the way but still within easy reach.reallyusefulthings.com

Miscellaneous [Bonus Gadgets]

  • Assistive Technology RJ Cooper makes a bunch of switch-adapted gadgets for people with physical challenges (TV remote, MP3 Player, and others). He also makes iPad accessories and apps for special needs/disabled. Check out some of his products; they are truly awe-inspiring.rjcooper.com

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