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As with buying anything, we tend to buy from people or brands we've either personally had a good experience with or perhaps have been recommended to us.

We, Stair Lift Experts, understand this and appreciate that you will probably have not had previous experience with, or even know of, many stairlift companies.

We are an independent family-run company proud to work with a selection of reputable stairlift manufacturers. We are 100% unbiased, our reviews are honest and we would not recommend a stair lift company we'd not be happy to buy from ourselves.

We work with some of the best stairlift suppliers in the UK.

Companion stairlifts are a well-established UK stairlift company whose head office is based in Guiseley, Leeds. They are part of the Handicare Group, with a large manufacturing warehouse on the Pensnett Trading Estate in Kingswinford, near Dudley. Companion provide stairlifts for charities such as AgeUK. Companion stairlifts supply both straight and curved models.

Their straight stairlifts include the Handicare 950+, Handicare 950 compact, Handicare 1000 and Handicare 1100. These were previously known as Minivator 950+, Minivator 1000 etc.

Their curved stairlifts include the Handicare 2000 and the Freecurve, previously known as the Minivator 2000.

Acorn stairlifts are one of the largest national stairlift companies. Based in Steeton, West Yorkshire, they too offer straight and curved chair lifts for stairs.

Acorn’s straight stairlifts include the Acorn 130, which supersede their 120 model and their curved stairlift model is the Acorn 180.

Acorn, like Companion, also offer an outdoor stairlift but only for straight stair cases.

Acorn have international operations and boast “Somewhere worldwide, an Acorn stairlift is installed every 8 minutes”.

Brooks stairlifts are sold manufactured by Acorn. The Brooks Lincoln straight stair lift is the same as the Acorn 130. A great, rubust and comfortable model for users up to 19 stone with a straight staircase.

We should also make you aware of ThyssenKrupp Encasa, a division of ThyssenKrupp Access Ltd; another national stairlift manufacturer based in Stockton-on-tees. ThyssenKrupp make the Flow 2, a great stairlift solution for very narrow stairs.

Other stairlift companies include Stannah, the oldest running UK stairlift manufacturer, Platinum, Bespoke and Meditek Stairlifts.

If you're looking for companies who buy second hand stairlifts, head over to this page.

Trusted stairlift companies we work with

Acorn Stairlifts

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Brooks Stairlifts

Brooks Stairlifts began in 1973 after Frederick Brooks designed a stairlift for his wife, Grace, whose rheumatoid arthritis made it hard to use...

Companion Stairlifts

Companion Stairlifts are one of the largest suppliers of stairlifts in the UK. Based in Kingswinford, West Midlands UK they have....

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Very occasionally you come across a company which exemplifies what true professionalism and commitment to customer service is all about. In my recent experience, Stairlift Experts is a prime example.
Barbara Allen

Mrs Barbara Allen

Witney, Oxfordshire

I needed to get a stair lift for my lovely Mum as she was having difficulty climbing all the stairs in her house. I hadn't a clue what to buy or where to buy it from until I found the Stair Lift Expert website
Ian Bailey

Mr Ian Bailey


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