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Having produced stairlifts since the early nineties, Yorkshire-based Acorn has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers in the industry, supplying various different stairlifts to the people of Britain and across the world. By choosing Acorn, you are selecting a company that can give you freedom and a sense of independence in your own home. Having chosen Acorn as your supplier, you will need to set about finding the right stairlift for you; this is where cost becomes a big factor. The cost of Acorn stairlifts will depend upon a number of factors.

  1. The first consideration will be related to your home, and specifically the type of staircase that you have. Acorn stairlift prices can differ significantly depending on whether you have a straight or curved staircase, with the latter being of greater expense. The reason for this is that stairlifts for curved stairs must be custom built to suit your stair configuration, whereas straight stairlifts are of standard size. If you should require a stairlift for outdoor use, Acorn can cater to your needs; however, you should expect to pay more as these models are built to deal with the rigours of outdoor life.
  2. A second consideration will regard the type of chair: users that are unable to bend may benefit from a perch model or a sit/stand model, which allows users to travel up and down stairs safely and comfortably. Perched models are designed differently from the generic seated stairlifts and this is likely to reflect in the cost.

In some circumstances you may be eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant from the local council. This can help towards paying Acorn stairlift costs. In order to qualify for a grant, the installation of a stairlift in the home must be seen to improve your standard of living and environment.

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